A bitter-sweet recollection of the time we moved to India

Aren’t we all fragments of stories from our families’ past, holding on to them like our life depends on it? With Tealgo’s uniquely crafted process, we provide you a platform to preserve these valuable memories in their true essence. 
“They found there were bombs in the basement. We had to leave that house and we had nowhere to go,” says Mrs. Singh with a serene smile as if all of that happened in an old old dream. However, it in fact is a living breathing truth that she continues to foster in her heart. 
As she recollects her journey from Sialkot to India, Mrs. Singh sits in her warmly lit living room with a light heart, engaging in occasional banter with her  Air-force officer husband. All of it is past and yet somehow merges with the present.
She begins, “It all started when one of us father’s students showed up at our home on a fateful day and said, ‘You have a grown up daughter, you must vacate immediately.’”
Soon enough her family found themselves on their way to India where a compensation home had already been arranged for the family. However, the news about the bombs came out soon and the family was rendered homeless, which was just the beginning of a series of ordeals.
When they first moved to India, all of the flour mills were owned by Muslims which basically translates to “no aata for the Hindu families.” “But we were wheat eaters and so we all learned to grind. It was good fun. At least for us, it seemed great fun. Parents had to worry but we were just kids, we didn’t know what to worry about,” she says.
She laughs as she adds, “My brothers can’t even look at aloo till date because back then we couldn’t afford anything but aloo as it was the cheapest vegetable.”
As children, Mrs. Singh and her siblings made the best of their displaced days in India and nothing else mattered. “Money was not so great but we all had great fun,” she says as her eyes get reflective after conjuring a bitter-sweet memory from Partition.
Mrs Singh's Partition recollection

At Tealgo, we are creating a personalized memory archive, which will be brought to life by recording stimulating conversations with your family members facilitated in a familiar and informal setting. To enable the same, our local providers will reach out to your family members, create a rapport with them, and ensure that they are comfortable before the recording starts. 
We also create highlights of these recordings that can be used during special occasions like reunions or anytime you need to hear the voices of your loved one. Let’s unbox some memories together!


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