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My grandmother’s remarkable recollection about Sri Lanka

The smell of coconuts and the taste of its water brought my grandmother happiness as she told me what it’s like to live in Sri Lanka. I never experienced the removal of coconuts from a tree and I’ve never drank coconut water, but as these stories were told, I realized the importance of storytelling and the value that it can have on a person’s life such as mine. The recollection of memories include remarkable pieces of life in which people have the ability to inspire one another through communication. Many of our elders have traveled and seen places that we might not have seen yet. The opportunity of connecting with your grandparent and hoping to experience what they experienced lets us as grandchildren realize that your every moment with them has importance. My grandmother would tell me of what her life was like when she was living in Jaffna, Sri Lanka. Everything from the food to the temples brought her happiness. Seeing this type of emotion from my grandmother was a must and I hope to keep these memories with me for the rest of my life. Understanding the life of someone living in another country can seem tough, but once she told me about what it’s like to live in Jaffna, I quickly got excited. 

Her travels across Sri Lanka and even India have added a sense of happiness which has inspired me to want to go back to these places. Jaffna was a place that my grandmother lived for many years. The coconut trees there added value for people of that community. She would tell me about the importance of coconut tree leaves and how they were used to build houses. They would drink water from the coconuts or even use it to cook sweets when at home. After hearing these stories, I really understood the true meaning of life. Everything my grandmother would tell me, I would visualize and somehow relate to. The refreshing story of coconut trees and the many uses it can have added a sense of empathy and ultimately, a sense of appreciation for how people lived in Jaffna. 

 The strength to share these memories can seem tremendous which makes me realize that the courage our grandparents have comes second to none. Our life has importance and the value that grandparents add leads us to live something far more than experiences. Having memories that will last a lifetime help me to never forget the moments I have with my grandparents and to know that my life can have inspiration from theirs. Tealgo provides a perfect way to capture these recollections for me.
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Neelan Jayakumar

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